Because of our distinct background that incorporates both sales and engineering education we are able to assist in all facets of bringing a solution to market which includes either hardware and or software.  Because the history of our experience includes having served as a part of a manufacturing, distributor, and  VAR teams, we are uniquely qualified to assist Manufacturer, Consultants, Distributors, or System Integrators achieve success with their projects

Our diverse skill set enables us to offer a variety of services that fall under two categories consultative and sales.  Below is a breakdown of the services which fall under each category.


Technology Due Diligence:  Because invention and innovation are the driving forces that determine success, the world of technology changes at speeds faster than almost any other industry. Therefore in order to maintain an edge over the competition or maintain market share companies continuously are devoting resources towards researching the next platform.  However the capital (human and financial) available to preform due diligence functions are finite and sometimes are required to take secondary role vs. active revenue producing projects.

The decision of resource allocation is one all companies face large and small, and getting the balance correct is vital to long term prosperity. Because N-Squared possess a substantial number direct communication channels with both Pro AV and the IT leaders we are uniquely qualified to assist in the process of intelligence gathering and analysis as it relates to new technologies, new techniques, and new practices. By utilizing N-Squared to perform these functions clients are able to further dedicate internal resources to active revenue producing activities.

Strategic Product Planning: One of the toughest jobs when crafting a new solution is accurately predicting initial demand and run rate as well as deciding how best to present it to the marketplace to achieve those initial demands. There is no shortage of outlets that a manufacturer can choose when wanting to launch a product, which can be a great asset, or it can also be a tremendous burden! Choose the right partner in the channel and they can accelerate expectations, however an unwise choice in channel partners can cause massive set backs and in some cases severe revenue loss.

N-Square looks to help companies avoid missteps in their product launch process by guiding them to members of the channel who are best suited to function as partners in the sales & marketing process. Ideally a channel partner should work together with a manufacturer in achieving mutually beneficial goals. The list of cases where manufacturers have chosen partners that have ended up costing more money than they have produced is countless, and recovering from those choices especially for a small to medium size manufactures can be difficult. N-Squared helps you make the right choice the first time.

Sales Services

The Internet era and the adoption of email ushered in a host of new challenges and opportunities for companies.  From a sales team management perspective the ability to deliver technical details, pricing information, and receive instant feedback was an outstanding benefit with this new communication medium. However from the individual salesperson’s perspective many have found that the access to immediate and abundant amounts of information for customers and end users has marginalized their effectiveness and in some instances their vocational value.

The modern world that companies and their salespeople face is one that

  • Finds prospective customer insulated behind email and private cellphones
  • Management and Investor teams who demand instant double digit sales growth
  • And a continuous demand from the end user base to be at the forefront of the ever changing technology advancements.

Translation… companies need help getting new products into the market, meeting new customers, and increasing brand awareness in the marketplace. N-Squared is here to assist companies face the challenges mentioned by offering two different sales tools.

Consultant and Architects: One of the key groups that all Pro AV manufacturer’s need to be in touch with are the Consultant and Architect class. These organizations are responsible for specifying and selecting key technologies which will be included in major projects. Because N-Square’s team members have extensive backgrounds working throughout the channel we have constructed a far reaching list of consultants whom are constantly searching for feature rich technologies.

Companies choosing to retain N-Square’s services will enjoy the opportunity of having audiences with a variety of consultants from across the country. Fees on this service are broken into two parts retainer and commission and will vary depending on the product and requirements of the manufacturer.

Distributors and System Integrators: Manufacturer Representative serve as an extension of a corporations sales teams and are paid a commission for all products sold into an exclusive territory. N-Squared has set out to remake this model by offering corporations the opportunity to retain the following services offered by N-Squared

  • Exclusive introduction to the Senior Management at selected Distributors & System Integrators
  • No Exclusive territory payouts and likewise no territory restriction placed on N-Squared
  • Follow through management of post sale communication and support

OEM’s: A variety of organizations utilize components and solutions from one manufacturer and integrate that into their own branded product. This process is commonly referred to as OEM. N-Squared has a 14yr history or working as an OEM representative with the following markets

  • Medical
  • Simulation
  • Defense and Military
  • Visualization
  • Media Server
  • Education

Manufacturers whom specialize in the construction of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s), Chipsets, and embedded solutions related to video capture, Encoding video solutions, and multi-screen technology can experience tremendous benefit working with N-Squared.