N-Squared typically works with Manufacturers and Distributors of technological solutions for the Pro Audio Video (AV), and Information Technology (IT) markets. We pay strict attention to convergent solutions that address the needs of both markets simultaneously.

Our main focus is on companies who produce solutions that center around these platforms,

  • Video Walls
  • Video Capture
  • Encoding & Decoding Video
    • Transport solutions
  • Software Management of Video Solutions

and who need assistance with achieving their growth and revenue goals.

Video Walls

The use of multiple screens has gone from a luxury to a necessity within most visual environments. Everything from multi-screen desktops to major Command and Control centers appear to be using more and more multi-screens solutions to form larger and dynamic canvases. N-Squared has experience building video walls in a variety of environments including

  • Command and Control
  • Retail
  • Digital Signage
  • Hospitality
  • Corporate Communication

Even though most of these environments use similar technology to facilitate their video wall requirements, there are features distinctive to each of these types of deployments which are critical to achieve success.

Video Capture

Video capture technology is used in a number of diverse environments, such as

  • Education
  • Military simulation
  • Live events
  • Digital Signage
  • Medical Documentation

The key to providing a strong video capture solution is found in a combination of the capabilities of the hardware and the strength of the API which accompanies it. Because the technology behind video capture is extremely flexible it is critical that all parties involved are aware of the requirements and the tools at their disposal. N-Squared has a long history of working in all of these environments as it relates to Video Capture solutions and is capable of connecting the dots for both the end-user and the manufacturer(s) in order to ultimately arrive at the best finished product.

Encoding & Decoding Video (including transportation)

One of the main applications of a Video Capture solution is the ability to take the captured frames and encode them. Encoding video is the process of taking raw frames and converting them into a digital format (MPEG, AVI, WMV, etc…) that is able to be played back by most digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktops, smart TV’s etc.… The playback process by your digital device is commonly referred to as Decoding

The markets which utilized Encoding video applications mirror much of the video capture market, however the recent development of dedicated cost effective encoders and decoders have enabled new markets to take advantage of the technology. Moreover it has further merged the AV and IT markets closer together because once a video is encoded it is transported to its destination on an IT infrastructure.

The convergence of technology from AV and IT communities has created quite a significant learning curve for most because rarely do the AV and IT worlds work of the same set of standards. Because N-Square’s team has experience selling into both markets we are keenly aware of the standards and requirements for both industries, and are able to bridge the gap between the two.

Software Management of Video Solutions

The advances and improvements made by the computer hardware industry over the past 20yrs has far outpaced the user’s ability or need to max it out. One of the main consequences of this progress is the abundant availability of cost effective powerful hardware, and the lack of a differentiators between solutions. Therefore manufacturers who specialize in crafting Audio and Video solutions must find a way to distinguish their product within the market, and one of the most customizable elements within any solution is the software portion, sometimes commonly refered to as the UI or User Interface.

A proper software interface can make all the difference between being successful and being bankrupt. However as finding the right mix of features vs. simplicity is easier stated than accomplished, and when combined with the creativity of most software developers a successful conclusion can appear quite daunting. It is at this point in the process where customer feedback and market knowledge becomes mission critical. Because N-Squared is constantly engaged with the marketplace including end-users, consultants, and engineers we possess the due diligence needed to help push a solution across the finish line.